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ClearZone PRO®

ClearZONE Pro in Dublin, California

Optional on all @Home hot tubs.

Dimension One Spas® is proud to announce, ClearZone® PRO. This factory installed option is available exclusively on the @Home Collection.

ClearZone PRO is D1’s new water purification system that creates cleaner water than the competition’s best systems. This oxygen-based system utilizes UV-generated ozone to fight and oxidize water impurities 47% more efficiently than the original ClearZone system.

Many manufacturers will tell you that all ozone systems are the same, but ClearZone PRO is not your typical ozone system. An average hot tub just injects ozone into the water, hoping it finds something to burn up. The ClearZone PRO system has a Mazzei-T injector that infuses the water with ozone, allowing for a much better mix into the water. This means more of the ozone is used to clean, rather than escaping from the water. ClearZone PRO also has a contact chamber, where water is infused with ozone in a controlled environment to disintegrate organic particles. After the contact chamber there is yet another additional de-gas chamber that separates the air/ozone mix from the water and sends it to be re-injected at the ozone jet. This creates small bubbles that help to maximize the mixing and consumption of the ozone.

A ClearZone PRO system means cleaner and clearer water, less consumption of chlorine and a system that is much easier to maintain! This means less residual ozone in the spa, thus extending the longevity of your hot tub, and the softness of your skin!


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